Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fred Wolf is president and founder of one of Hollywood’s leading animation development and production studios.


Within its thirty-five year history, Fred Wolf Films has produced many television series that include, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zorro and James Bond Jr. Other productions with Fred Wolf at the helm include two Ernmy Award-winning television specials, as well as programming for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, MGM, MTM Productions, CBS, NBC, and ABC.


Mr. Wolf s art emphasizes compositional challenges in figurative situations. Light source and color choices add to the whimsy in a fantastical, if not surrealistic, manner. Many of his paintings invite the onlooker into a moment of some untold, but familiar story. The collection is comprised of original oils painted from 1994 to the present.


Prior to this period, his time allotted to painting was limited due to film studio commitments. However, years of sketching little thumbnail ideas for future paintings proved to be advantageous in the execution of the final canvases.


The influence of his animated film experience can be found throughout several of the paintings. Consider his early short films where his unique wit and sense of comedic timing are coupled with his sense of brevity; using only what is essential to tell the story.


In the prestigious 1996 Prince’s Trust Event, his work was included among submissions of over 200 artists by special request from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.

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